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Feeding Conveyor

Auger / screw  type ZP is intended for delivery of biomass such as sawdust, pulverized bark or chips. We offer horizontal and oblique auger systems. Delivery or discharge from the bigger storage tank to combustion device hopper can be configured per customers request.  It could work manually. Basically, it is used to deliver fuel into buffer tanks (hopper) in AZSD or ZGH units.

Sawdust Conveyor


Conveyor Control (known as AZT ) is based on sensors that detect the presence of fuel in automatic feeding mode. The control is carried out so as to ensure adequate filling of buffer bunker (hopper) with fuel.

Conveyors feature bent / welded steel construction with corrosion protected enamel. The main part of the conveyor housing is bent in the shape of a “U” with screw caps. Inside the enclosure the screw is powered by gear motor connected by the coupling with the drive shaft. The second shaft is supported by bearing. 

Feature Diameter shaft The maximum length The maximum capacity (1) Power and power supply (2) The maximum lead angle ( α ) (1)
[in] [ft] [M 3 / h] [KW / V] [°] Sawdust Conveyor - max lead angle
Horizontal conveyor 8 33 8 3. 5/ 400 -
12 40 9.2 / 400 -
Conveyor oblique 8 39 6 3. 5 / 400 35-40
12 40 9.2 / 400
  • Approximate values, depending on the type of material to be transported
  • Approximate values, individual chosen depending on the type of material transported, the length of the conveyor, the lead angle, etc.