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Goliath ZGH Biomass / Pellet Boiler

Internal Combustion Model ZGH

Models available:  ZGH 110 (380 K BTU), ZGH 300 (1 MM BTU),  ZGH 600 (2MM BTU), and ZGH 1000 (3.42 MM BTU).

ZGH combustion system is designed to burn fuels of lower moisture content (max. 40%) including pellets, as well as contaminated with MDF resins.  Heavy refractory lining assures high combustion temperature resulting in complete combustion of unwanted chemicals.

ZGH systems consist of following elements:

-Water boiler and dual pass heat exchanger located above combustion space;

-Refractory furnace with thermal insulation;

-Fuel feeding system;

-Fire suppression system;

-Primary and secondary air blowers;

-Control box;

-Fuel hopper;

An advantage of such design is a compact structure ( the heat exchanger is placed directly above furnace) and a simplified service. The result of the design allows for smaller area of installation.  A reliable and proved construction is based on 50 years- experiences of company in the field of manufacturing boilers and furnaces.

New Horizon offers a wide range of related devices as;  silos of up to 250 m3 capacity with automatic selecting discharge auger conveyors, free standing steel chimneys, hydraulic operated live floors, and ash cyclones improving exhaust quality.


ZGH Specification Sheet –2.7MB, 1 page

Additional Listing of Goliath CAD Drawings and Schematics



The dual pass heat exchanger (p. 1)  – External insulated sheet metal work(p. 2) The boiler base is made of water jacket housing lined with a heat resistant refractory. The combustion chamber consists of a double layer, inside which there are air channels to control outer layer temperature. The high temperature refractory assures correct combustion temperature which results in low emissions of particulates as well enabling to complete burn MDF resin if contained in the fuel. At the lower part of the combustion chamber there are the grates where primary air is injected. The fuel hopper (p. 3) with auger delivers fuel to combustion chamber. Optional can be used with different system with higher capacity as shown in PDF drawings. The ZGH is recommended to work with a ash/smoke cyclone (p. 4) with a variable speed controller adjusting amount of draft.


Zespół grzewczy ZGH 600, 1000 - schemat budowy


ZGH-600, ZGH-1000, 1. heat exchanger, 2. furnace, 3. fuel hopper, 4. ash/smoke cyclone, 5. controller, 6. rotary valve/chute

Zespół grzewczy ZGH 100, 300 - schemat budowy

ZGH-100, ZGH-300, 1.  heat exchanger, 2. furnace, 3. fuel hopper, 4. ash/smoke cyclone, 5. controller



Every boiler is protected against burning back through the auger with sensor controlled fire suppression installation (gravity water tank, thermostatic valve and sensor). Bigger boilers (ZGH-600 and ZGH-1000) contain chute channel (p.6) mechanically separating upper and lower feeders.



Gabaryty zespołu ZGH Gabaryty zespołu ZGH - rzut z góry

Technical data ZGH-110 ZGH-300 ZGH-600 ZGH-1000
Nominal thermal power [kW] 110 300 600 1000
[BTU/h] 380K 1 MM 2 MM 3.5 MM
Fuel consumption(1) [lb/h] 88 240 480 800
Tank capacity [m3] 1.5/2.3 2.3/4.4
Power consumption [kW] 0.95 2.5 2.45/3 5.15/5.7
Power supply voltage [V] per request
Average heated  surface [m2] 700 1920 3900 6400
Weight [lb] 4250 11500 23000 35000
Dimension (A) [in] 62 90 120 124
Dimension (B) [in] 112 132 142 188
Dimension (C) [in] 111 148 157 185
Dimension (D) [in] 38 52 69 75
Dimension (E) [in] 83 118 130 156
Dimension (F) [in] 60/85 116/143
  1. For fuel with nominal power, n.c.v. 17600 [kJ/kg], humidity 25 [%]