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Hydraulic Live Floor (Sawdust Feeding System)

The hydraulic selector-HWT and screw conveyors (horizontal and oblique) is designed to deliver the fuel (sawdust) from the rectangular shaped floor or container and transport to the boiler combustion chamber.

Hydraulic live floor is made up of welded sections, which move in reciprocating motion on the guide rails on the bottom of the floor or container. The power comes from hydraulic power unit and actuators. The fuel is dropped on to the horizontal screw conveyor which is connected to oblique conveyor and then is delivered to the combustion chamber.

The device controls are designed to work in both automatic and manual modes.


HWT  hydraulic selectorHWT live floor(one section) 1. Reciprocating Arm, 2.Horizontal Screw conveyor, 3. Oblique Screw conveyor (optional equipment), 4. Hydraulic cylinder, 5. HPU, 6. Control box, 7. Fuel drop point, 8. Fuel

Reciprocating arms (p 1) are  moving on the rails installed container floor. When moving, the arms transport fuel to dropout channel where a screw conveyer is installed (p 2). The screw conveyor transports fuel by the channel in the tunnel and dropped on oblique screw conveyor(p 7),(p 3), and transported to a boiler hopper or other heating set (the oblique conveyor is not included in a standard equipment of HWT).

The arms are driven by hydraulic cylinder (p 4) from HPU (p 5). The screw conveyor is driven by gearboxes.


In a standard version controls consists of : Control box, wiring, cylinders, and set of sensors.

The HWT selector controlling is based on a programmable PLC controller, which controls the work of arms sections on the basis of information from the sensors of arms position and from outside – AZT or AZSD controller. There is time algorithm installed in the PLC controller, it is useful in case of breakdown of position sensors. The controller can be set in manual mode. There are also elements that switch off the drives when the excess of fuel in the screw conveyor is discovered.



Technical data of standard version of HWT selector u/m Type
HWT-40 HWT-80 HWT-120
Hydraulic woodchips selector - dimensions Capacity of single section for H=3[m] m3 ~55 ~90 ~120
Diameter of conveyor (efficiency) mm Φ200 (do 16 m3/h)
Φ315 (do 115 m3/h)
Power demand (pump + motoreducer) kW 5,2 – 9,5
Capacity of hydraulic set l 85 100
A Dimension mm 5800 9300 12300
B Dimension mm 8500 12000 15000