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Silo Model ZOD

A silo is assigned to collecting and storing of wood chips, sawdust in wood working facility for the use in Goliath boilers or other biomass combustion systems.

Silo is a free-standing structure, assembled on concrete plate of 21′ diameter.  The silo construction is of screwed galvanized steel sheets. It consists of a base, housing made of a zinc coated sheets of 2.5 mm thick, a bottom with rotary valve, roof, and construction for charging cyclone.

Construction and operation of ZOD silo / storage system

ZOD silo/storage system        ZOD silo/storage system is a free-standing container, set on concrete floor. Construction is made of elements screwed on with bolts. No welding is needed.Basic elements of  ZOD silo:

  • Bottom
  • Housing
  • Selector
  • Door
  • Control door
  • Control window
  • Pillar
  • Platform frame
  • Supporting structure of a cyclone
  • Ladder
  • Landing
  • Platform
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Explosive flap

ZOD silo is of sectional construction. Outer coat is made of rings of 5800 mm diameter and 2480 mm high.

Bottom ring (set on concrete floor) covers a wood-chips selector, a conveyor and control elements. The ring consists of  lateral sections and the door which gives access to the selector.

Above the bottom ring there is a bottom floor with the selecting device. In standard version this selecting device  is ZWT woodchips bottom selector.

Next rings of the outer structure (the amount depends on the size of a silo) make up a basic loading space. The rings consist of lateral sections,, inspection door sections and explosive sections. The level of woodchips can be seen through  inspection openings sections. The platform and the inspection door give way to the interior of the silo. The explosive sections protect a silo from destruction.  When explosion takes place explosive doors are destroyed leading to depressurizing of a silo.

The structure on the top of the silo is build for optional installation exhaust cyclone to enable pneumatic fuel delivery.

Additional equipment of silo:

  • quick unloading: e.i. on  truck
  • hydraulic live floor
  • loading cyclone, fan and fuel transport installation
  • fuel conveyors and  delivery controls to a burning devices

The platform with the supporting structure of cyclone is independent construction set on four pillars  fastened to the floor (the pillars embrace a silo and are fixed to the outer layer on few levels). A cyclone of 60″ in diameter can be installed on  the supporting structure of cyclone.

There is a sprinkler system in a silo. The extinguisher is a “dry” type: it is filled in when the sensors are triggered by fire.

ZOD-40 silo is built of rings with diameter of  3330 mm. Compared with  ZOD-120,180,240 silos in ZOD-40 silo a roof has been modified (steel cover). In standard version  a fuel selector is not supplied.

Sawdust from workshops are transported via pneumatic system to a silo. From the silo they go through  ZWTwoodchips selector to a hopper of burning device.

            Technical description of ZOD silo             u/m             ZOD-40             ZOD-120             ZOD-180             ZOD-240
            Total capacity             [m3]             43             120             180             240
            Active working capacity             [m3]             ~36             ~65             ~125             ~190
            Outer diameter             [in]             130             230
            Total height             [in]             303             421             516             610
            Weight             [lb]             19320             21160             23000

The silo is equipped in a fire extinguisher and explosion proof installation as well in blowout door. Silo charging hopper is build in a funnel shape, where agitator operates preventing saw dust bridging. On the bottom of charging hopper are installed: pipes slop chute and rotary valve with auger delivering saw dust to boiler hopper. The aim of the conveyor is to move and pass sawdust to the charging boiler hopper.

  • ZOD 40 capacity 43m3
  • ZOD 120 capacity 120m3
  • ZOD 180 capacity 180m3
  • ZOD 250 capacity 250m3