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Steel Chimney

Our chimneys are  free-standing structures without  pull off systems.  The chimney is made of G-235 steel pipe. The chimneys are delivered  in parts which are joined together on customer’s site. The are also covered with  a silicate-zinc paint and a heat resistant  enamel.  The silicate-zinc paint after it has dried up makes coating comparable to zinc coating.

For boiler rooms with higher heat load and to improve the operation of the boiler,  it is recommended to use of chimneys with forced controlled draft – the  A1x630 and A1x630 with an ash cyclone and flue draft VFD fans. The usage of the ash cyclone  with the flue draft fans allows a customer to use a smaller chimney.   We can custom manufacture flue connection from the boiler to the chimney.

Recommended diameter and height of the chimney with     KWH boiler:


Chimney with ash cyclone

Chimney without ash cyclone

[model] Cyclone [model] Fan [kW] Diameter [mm]/[in] Height [m]/[ft] Diameter [mm]/[in] Height [m]/[ft]
KWH-55 A1x630 0.08 200/8 7/23 200/8 8/26
KWH-110 A1x630 200/8 9/30 300/12 10/31
KWH-180 A1x630 0.18 300/12 10/31 300/12 14/46
KWH-300 A1x630 0.55 300/12 12/39 600/24 12/39
KWH-600 A1x630 300/12 14/46 600/24 15/49
KWH-800 A1x630 0.75 600/24 15/49 600/24 18/59
KWH-1000 A2x630 1.1 600/24 18/59 800/31 22/72
KWH-1200 A2x630 600/24 18/59 - -
KWH-2000 A2x630 4 800/31 25/82 - -

*These are only recommended chimney heights and diameters.  Instead of height, draft could be increased by draft booster/ ash cyclone blower.*

In standard version the chimney  are made of pipes of following dimensions [mm]: 219×6.3, 323.9×7.1, 610×10, 813×12.5