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ZWT Basket type wood chip storage/delivery system

ZWT basket type is designed to extract the sawdust or wood chips from the vessel above. It can be used in self-made tanks or containers which bottom has sufficient strength, the height and diameter.  Column of the fuel above should not exceed respectively :

  • ZWT 1.5: diameter 15 [ft]; height 13[ft]
  • ZWT 2: diameter 19 [ft]; height 20[ft]
  • ZWT 5: diameter 19 [ft]; height 26 [ft]


ZWT basket is of bent-welded construction. It consists of following parts:

Ślimakowy wybierak trocin ZWT - schemat

  1. Charge basket
  2. Rotating rod
  3. Ring gear
  4. Scraper
  5. Motor reducer

The rotating rod (agitator)(2) revolves inside the basket on a ring gear (3)  scraping wood chips down to the outlet. Farther down on the bottom there is agitator/scraper pushing wood chips to the chute (4) .

There are two round outlets allowing for extraction of the fuel from the silo. They are closed depending on application. ZWT are installed in ZOD silo or in a modified version in the self-made tanks for AZSD and  ZGH.


      Technical description       m/u       Type
      ZWT-1.5       ZWT-2       ZWT-5
Ślimakowy wybierak trocin ZWT - wymiary       Efficiency (1)       [m3/h]       2.5-3       4-5       5-6
      Max height of fuel column       [ft]       13       20       26
      Diameter of scraping       [ft]       15       19
      Size of  outlet for wood chips       [in]       8×8       8×12
      Size of opening of placing in the bottom       [in]       70       86
      Power       [kW]       1.5       3       5.5
      Voltage       [V/Hz]       per request
      Weight       [lb]       ~1955       ~2415       ~2530
      Dimension A       [in]       85       102
      Dimension B       [in]       43       52
      Dimension C       [in]       30       39
      (1) – with determined dimensions of the outlet